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A Little Extra

Extra Tidbits

I am the mom of two amazing boys, who keep my world moving forward, as they teach me the "In's" and "out's" of parenting life.

I am also practically married to a loving, kind man who accepts me for who I am and everything I try to endeavour along the way. I like to call him my third child. He keeps me just as busy, if not busier than the other two!

These three humans, who I call my family, have taught me how to find my true self. Without these three amazing humans, I would not be where I am today. With that said, lets just keep in mind here, we are not aliens from the outside world and we ain't no peachy perfect family! We have family issues, just like you and the rest of the world!

Since 2011, I have attempted to make numerous blogs. I never followed through with any. Literally I would do a couple posts and never return again. Fast forward to 2020, during COVID19, I want to find these blogs and try again. Upon searching I finally find them!

Guys! 2011, I was trying then already to set goals, and challenges to focus on kindness and loving myself and each other! That was my first attempt at a blog!!

Do you know how many personal development books there are now, that PREACH this? OK. Stupid question, if you're here, of course you do! Had I continued on with those blogs, where the heck would I be today?

This is the one! I promise you this, I am living this one out all the way through!

The most important things I want you to know about me is, I am not perfect. I am not the perfect mom, nor wife. I am far from the perfect daughter or sister. I lack in being the perfect client. I am no where near the perfect environmentalist.

Also, just like you, I have dreams. I set goals. I need my coffee to survive through the day. I have sleepless nights. I worry. I compare. I judge.

I guess to go with my lack of being perfect: My dreams change. My goals are not reached. Without coffee, I am miserable, especially following sleepless nights. My worries turn into, "I don't cares". My comparison, to that picture perfect mom, puts me in a mom-guilt spiral. That neighbor that always is chasing down her dog after getting out of the yard, has been judged by these eyes.

Guys! We all do it!

The question that remains here is:

Who is up for the challenge of being the best version of yourself, while knowing every minute of your life is not going to be perfect? Are you ready to try your hardest to bring your best self forward? Theres no better time then now! You will run into problems, but keep going! 

The time is now!