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Updated: Jul 4, 2021

Dear Diary

July 3, 2021

It would’ve been day 6 of yoga today. I am sad to of missed it but I was able to keep myself busy with the kids today. I find I overexert myself in one thing and I need to teach myself balance. It was great today getting on an early morning bike ride with the kids before it got too hot plus swimming in the afternoon.

I am ready to re-write my story. I have come to learn so much about myself this past year and I am ready to put it all into action. Just because I have learned so much though, doesn’t mean I am done learning. I now need to understand myself more. With the learning and understanding comes even more growth.

With all of that, comes my new story!


July 2, 2021

The day started out productive.

My holidays start today and I love not having to go into work and rush and do something I no longer enjoy!

This morning I got groceries bright and early as was speedy at unpacking them (usually I doddle, it's a task I don't enjoy!). Today I didn't really have a choice because I had to drive Mike to walk-in.

We sat there for an hour and by the time we had grabbed his prescriptions and got home it was lunch time.

I made the kids lunch, and at that point, I felt as though all my energy was gone.

I forced myself to do day 5 of yoga. My body wanted to do it, but my mind did not! Of course once I got started it felt great!

Once complete I had a long shower and tried incorporating a contrast shower, but just wasn’t feeling it!

The day kind of went by fast. Yesterday and today I found myself scrolling on social media a lot. I had a really good stretch that I barely went on. I did post to IG and noticed myself checking periodically how many likes I got. It’s true, social media is an addiction. Of course, I also did the endless scroll on FB too today. Finally I felt so bored I decided to have a nap. It felt great, and I don’t feel bad about it! It’s been so hot. Plus the last few days, I really haven’t had great night sleeps.I obviously needed the rest. As I sit here curled up on the couch again after eating supper, I know the rest of the evening will consist of doing about the same, adding in a movie with the kids!


July 1, 2021


Well that's another month gone!

I am so grateful to live in a country with so much to offer. We really are blessed to be here!

I'm ready to welcome a new month full of new adventures and fulfilling accomplishments.

A new month brings us to new goals to be set!

I am working on the 30 days of yoga challenge and currently on day 4! So what kind of habit do I want to begin for July and what goal do I want to accomplish once I reach the end?

This month I want to meditate for ten minutes minimum each day. Not just stick headphones in and fall asleep. No. Actually focus on my breathwork and listen to the meditation all the way through.

My goal for this month is to hit 210lbs by the end of July. That is between 8-10lbs because of the fluctuation I've had recently.

I am off for the next week with the boys. I will be stepping out of my comfort zone again and headed on the highway. This time en route to Elk water if the weather permits!


Dear Universe

I've put it out there, and shared this month's plans for myself. Bring on my manifestation powers. Guide me in the direction of my future.

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