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"Box of Beliefs"

Often times we are raised to believe you have to be a certain way, act a certain way, and live a certain way.

As children, we watch and we learn all sorts of habits. It's how we become who we are as adults.

Throughout the years we end up with our very own "box of beliefs". This "box of beliefs" will often limit who we are, or who we want to be.

Obviously there are so many different scenarios of what our "box of beliefs" may hold. What my box of beliefs holds, is going to be entirely different from yours, yours, and yours! Just like hers will be different from ours!


Let me tell you about one of the items in my "box of beliefs", and how I am going to change it.

When I was younger, both my parents worked; They worked hard! To this day, they are extremely hard workers, and that's great! Thats exactly where I get my hard worker mentality. However, I wanted to be a hard worker, under my own terms. I wanted to be... my own boss!

As the years continued, and I grew older, I was able to understand a little more about how my parents felt about their jobs. I watched my parents go to a job they hated... every day! Of course, they still went... every day; They did what they had to do, as any of us would.

There was always the one story about the pub they almost bought. It just stuck out to me, and to this day I can recall driving by 'that' pub and hearing my dads voice saying "We almost purchased that pub. Imagine how different things would've turned out, if we would've."

Don't misunderstand me, its not that we were broke... or rich... we were right in the middle. (Or so that's how they made me feel)

My point here is, I watched my parents work hard all their lives, and also heard them say they almost did something... But they didn't, and that's totally fine! I'm happy with how things turned out, I wouldn't have anything any other way!

However, I didn't want to have that same story (the one about almost doing something) to tell. I wanted mine to be bigger, and better! Instead of saying "I almost did this, but never", I wanted to be able to say "I went for it, I did it, and look at how great it's been".

Has it been easy?

Hell no!

Besides the knowing I had to change my mindset... I still had to get out of my comfort zone, and begin believing in myself and trusting others, as well as understand my own strengths.

I've always been that shy, scared person, worried about what someone might think of me. No matter how much I tried to come out of my shell, that scared person still was in there.

It took me, a whole heck of a lot of self help books to come to the decision to take that leap of faith, and believe in myself.

I've spent a large chunk of my life recieving advice, and the other portion giving advice. It was time to trust the advice of others and go for it!

I took some time for myself and took an online quiz to find out my strengths, in which I know I am meant to be way more than that person who works for others. (Please don't get me wrong... If you work for others that is great, its just not my thing)


With that, this is why I want to share with you five ways to get our of the box:

  1. Change your mindset,

  2. Get out of your comfort zone,

  3. Believe in yourself,

  4. Trust others,

  5. Understand your own strengths


Where does your "box of beliefs" have you believing you are stuck?

Think about how you can use these five steps to get out of your very own box!

Know someone who could use a hand stepping out of their "box of belief"? Share with them these five ways to get them unstuck!

Believe you can, and you will!

The world is a big place, allow yourself to grow with it and explore your different possibilities!

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