Day 4

(Because I was unsure how the layout of this all would be during my first three days of yoga... FYI, I’m still unsure!)

Today I did my fourth consecutive day of yoga. Due to other things going on in my day, I was unable to do it until about 2:15pm. Ideally I’d like it to be one of the first things I do in my day.

Looking back at days 1-3 of my yoga practice I can recall my joints being very tight. Once done doing the yoga when I’d walk or move certain ways those joints cracked often. I believe that would be normal as they open up and soften... but I’m not 100% certain at this point. The stretch felt great and I definitely could feel the pain in my shoulders the next days. Also, on day 2 my back had a huge spasm on the left side during yoga. Im not unfamiliar to a back spasm at this location, but it definitely wasn’t enjoyable during my yoga pose!

Today, day 4 was a little awkward to do as I was forced to do it on interchangeable mats in my bedroom to avoid an argument with Cash! I was able to manage for the twenty minutes but I either need to invest in a proper yoga mat as well as rearrange slightly to make it work more easily. Nonetheless, I still completed twenty minutes. I can already feel my strength building.

my shoulders are sore today but after the session they feel very relaxed.

When I first tried yoga a year ago I couldn’t wait to be done the session, five minutes felt like FOREVER. Today, once I reach the end of the video which was twenty minutes I feel as though it hasn’t even been five minutes and just want to keep going!

As of now I am considering doing another session later this evening. I’ll see how I’m feeling then. I’m off for a bike ride so that may take the energy right out of me.

- Renee 2:55PM

We went on a bike ride, the kids and I. I specifically told Ryder it would be a simple and quick one. Well... that did not happen! We went down to grandma and papas, stayed there a while then headed home. It wasn’t as hard as the previous day that Ryder and I did... but it wasn’t easy either!

It is so nice to get out, it’s a complete chore to get going but holy man... once I’m out it’s the best feeling EVER. Thankfully I have Ryder who forces me to do things, otherwise I’d be a complete couch potato some days. I still feel like I have a lot of energy as I sit here.

I’m thinking after supper and family movie night for Mikes birthday I will finish the day off with some studying of my Energy Healing Course, perhaps another yoga session, and go to bed with a meditation! - Renee 5:45PM

I freaking love yoga! Just completed a ten minute bedtime routine. What an awesome feeling! I’m pretty sure the yoga movements clear out my sinuses, I can really feel sinus relief during the movements!

I cannot wait until tomorrow to do more.

For now, I am going to wrap up my day. Time to run a warm bath with my bath bombs I made last week. They are beyond relaxing. I titled them namaste because ‘namaste in the bath!’

Good night. See you on the flip side!


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