Day 5

A session of yoga is in the books for day 5. My body craves it. I found myself waking up during the night, thinking about yoga!

Upon waking up, I poured my morning coffee. I sat and had a cup then immediately began my yoga session.

I am loving Sarah Beth Yoga On YouTube. She has plenty of videos, and many for beginners. Beginner video or not she explains each pose. Since the last few sessions I felt like it went so fast I decided to go for a 30 minute session, and the word beginner was not in the title.

It started off great, with poses I already knew. It led to new ones I’ve never attempted and the stretch felt amazing. I did have a feeling of ”oh crap, how much longer?”. I still worked through each pose and I made it to the end.

I feel it’s easier doing the older poses because I know how to get in the flow of them more, especially because I’ve kind of learned about them in a course I started taking a few weeks ago.

I watched the first lesson of the yoga course. It’s an online course through shaw academy (I don’t recommend them, as it is very difficult to cancel even though they state it’s easy. Due to not being able to cancel I was given a lifetime membership. This is the only reason I am using this course). Anyways, it also explains each move.

I’m considering doing the full course and seeing how far I can take my yoga practice. Maybe in a year or two after being fully dedicated to yoga I will become a yoga trainer.

After yoga I hopped in the shower. I am trying this new thing called contrast showers.

I am still reading up on it, and learning about it but it’s suppose to have amazing benefits.

What is a contrast shower? Check out my post here to learn more about it. I am adding onto it as I learn as well. What I can tell you for certain is it’s alternating between hot and cold for a certain amount of time each before switching back. It is tough but feels so good. I can tell each day it does get easier and easier. I also have taught myself a few tips and tricks for it as well already to make the process easier.

Now here I am beginning my daily post enjoying the beautiful weather outside in my housecoat. Feeling the fresh warm air, finish drying my body. Sipping on a coffee, and listening to the birds chirping. This little guy pictured has been hanging out the whole time.

Bike ride complete for today. Although shorter than previous due to other commitments we still got out and did it! I’m not saying I’m going to be doing bike rides every day like yoga... but most likely on weekends for sure!

I feel as though I am finding a routine with what I would like to see myself accomplish on a day to day basis. My ideal workweek routine is as follows:


  • Wake up

  • Brew coffee


  • Begin a 20 minute yoga flow


  • Contrast shower


  • Coffee outside

  • Meditate, listen to nature, or read a book


  • Get dressed and makeup


  • Off to work

Workhour lunch

  • read a book, close my eyes, listen to a podcast or course


  • Outdoors with kids


  • Cook or serve supper

  • Clean up


  • Sit outside with a book or course or a walk


  • Sit with each child for half hour while the other showers


  • Get snacks and have them in bed by 830


  • 10 minute yoga session for bed


  • Bath with meditation or listening to course


  • In bed, sleeping by 1020

My shifts vary at work between start time at 645 to 800. This will most definitely affect my routine and I am dedicated to working it out so that each shift I follow some sort of routine without that rushed feeling mornings. Summer will be easy because I don’t have to pack lunches or get the boys ready for school. Winter will be another story but I’m not Going to worry myself about down the road during winter. For not my focus is only on summer and making this work! Also I plan on sleeping in a little on weekends.

Looking at that schedule I feel I will need to begin truly doing a meal plan as well to make that work. Whats one more thing to add to the todo list? I might as well blog about that too! Haha

This is all going to be a learn as you go experiment. That is the point of this blog so I can look back at how much I grew along the way.

For the day this is goodbye. I’m headed out for some much needed family time and then some time outdoors laughing with friends.

My day will end off wth the bedtime yoga.


Dear universe

I know you have a plan.

Please see my goals as indicated above and find somewhere in your plan to align it all together.

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