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Finding your purpose: The Passion Project

Here I am, just a girl behind a keyboard that decided to start a blog.. and this is her attempt at sticking to it!

An amazing thing happened this morning.

It was early, I rolled over while in bed to check the clock, only 6:30AM. Suddenly my mind started running. There was a billion thoughts running through my mind.

I jumped up so fast, I couldn't get to a pen and paper fast enough! I sat at the edge of my bed, grabbed my phone, and instantly started typing in the notes application all my thoughts.

I've been really finding myself this last little bit. My newest interest has been learning about our energies. Learning about the universe and how if you put yourself out there and trust the universe everything just starts flowing.

This is the only explanation I have for my Saturday morning wake up call. The universe has heard me! The universe has seen me! The universe knows, I have put my trust into it.

There I was, not even an hour in... now sitting on my couch with my coffee in hand, and nearly five pages of notes.

I found it!

I found my purpose, and how I was going to reach out to others.

Today was the start of my newest "Passion Project".

I am excited to share with you my newest baby. I am going to be creating a workbook/journal/planner!

It is going to be the start of something amazing. Boy, oh boy... Do I have more in store for when I can get this finished. In the meantime, I cannot wait to share with you how the project will work.

What would you love to see in here?

This is meant for my followers.

Join me in creating the next tool to get you to find your purpose!

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