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How to understand your strengths and power through life!

Why knowing your strengths is so important!

We all have things we are really good at, and some not so good at. These would be our strengths and our weaknesses. I do not know about you, but life has been a learning experience for me in many ways. It has taken me years to recognize what my strengths and weaknesses are. Often times, I have gone to attempt something, just to find out... It's not for me, I do not like it, I want nothing to do with it, and think to myself "what the heck was I thinking?" Other times, I have began something, just to find myself in my thoughts wondering "How have I not done something like this sooner?", and realizing I have found something I absolutely love!

After, going through this process many times... and sometimes feeling like a failure, because I left something incomplete, because I realized it wasn't my thing... I finally made myself recognize that I need to understand myself a little bit more. I needed to take the time and take into consideration my strengths and weaknesses.

You live this one life... Get to know yourself. Take the time to understand yourself and live it to the best of your ability! It is OK, to get to know yourself a little bit more. Take notes, on what you love to do, and as you learn something about yourself write it down to be able to remember it.

During Covid, I came across a free course, that introduced me to the VIA institute. It consists of simple survey questions, asking about you! It takes about 15 minutes. This survey will reveal your greatest strengths... providing you are answering truthfully. (FYI, I get absolutely nothing for referring you to this survey... I just found it to be extremely helpful, and want to share it with you)

I excitedly took the survey to find out my greatest strengths. Upon completion, I was told my top 4 strengths were as follows:

  1. Fairness

  2. Judgement

  3. Leadership

  4. Kindness

This definitely made sense to me. It was me in a nutshell! I always wanted to make sure everyone was included and not left out. Judging people just isn't my thing, we all have our own way of doing things... and what may work for you may not work for me, or what you agree with... I may not. However, I am not one to judge! I love leading people, and love the feeling when someone comes to me for any kind of help at work or home, because I know I can respond with kindness, and again be non judgemental.

So that's great, I did a survey.. found more stuff out about myself, so what? Why are you telling me this?

Honestly, I knew all the above before even taking this survey.... BUT... now I felt like I understood myself just a little bit more, and felt like I needed to put all of those things to good use! Seeing these, and reading the in depth description has made me realize what I need to spend less time on, and focus more on moving forward.

Have you heard of a vision board? These four words... I have in huge writing across my vision board, to serve as a reminder!

I now make sure to consider these four strengths before beginning any new project, venture, or journey. If these strengths are not something utilized somewhere along the way, I reconsider if that project, venture, or journey will actually be a good fit for me... Preventing future failures ahead, and keeping myself happy knowing I am putting to good use something I am good at and enjoy. Now in the same breathe, if I come across something, and it has the following strengths written all over it.. I have begun going for it. No stopping me! It has really helped me in realizing what to go for and what to stand down from. It has helped me to find a different kind of "happy" in my life, while feeling less of a failure and going for things that I can attribute my strengths too, and enjoy it.

Since the survey, I also make sure whatever I am doing in life... for work, side hustle, or just pleasure... I am doing something that requires me to use these strengths. It most definitely keeps me going, and motivated, oppose to that girl that quits, and it quickly turns into just another failure.

So, with that... If you often feel like you are always headed down a path that ends in failure, perhaps you feel unhappy with what you are doing... Consider taking this survey to understand yourself a little bit more. Make sure, you remember your top four strengths... whether you use a vision board, have them on a sticky note, or just keep them in your memory and utilize them everyday! Put those strengths to good use daily! You will thank yourself later! The things you will learn about yourself with astonish you.

In summary:

Reasons to know your strengths

  1. You regret beginning something, to find out you hate it

  2. You often have incomplete projects

How to find your strengths

  1. Take the VIA Institute survey

  2. Connect your strengths to what you love

Put you strengths to good use

  1. Write your top 4 strengths

  2. Read the descriptive definition of them

  3. Make sure you keep those strengths somewhere you will see everyday, such as a vision board

  4. Remember to use those strengths daily and put them into action

Taking note of the benefits

  1. Are you stepping out of your comfort a little more with confidence?

  2. How are your projects turning out? Are you having as many failures?

  3. Do you feel you understand a little more about yourself and the things you love?

  4. Using those strengths daily, have you become more of a happy person?

  5. Do you feel more accomplished at life?

There you have it... all the reasons to do the survey and understand a little bit more about yourself! Fight those incomplete projects and focus more on the projects you will love, and complete! Use those strengths daily and watch yourself power through life!

Did you do the survey? What were your strengths? Were you surprised at all by them? How are you going to make sure to use your strengths daily? Use them daily for a week or two... come back and tell me, how you feel after that week. Do you feel happier and like you are making better choices for your life?

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