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'Imagine' The Possibilities

Imagine being in a world where you could be who you want to be; A world where you can live your life without the judgement of what others might think of you; Imagine if you thought like kids your whole life and nothing changed, you just were who you were without the fear of society criticizing your every move; Imagine what kind of possibilities might await you if you stepped out of your comfort zone. 

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Have you ever felt Like you weren’t being your true self? What was holding you back? 

In a world where you can be Anything, make sure you don’t ignore who you are meant to be! You often pause at life to try and fit into what you think is the norm. 

Who are you cheating here? 

You are cheating yourselves because YOU have an ache for something more. You need to enforce your inner person to take control and be who you are meant to be! Not only are you cheating yourself, but you are also robbing the world of something beautiful. You were meant to come into this world to be you, so embrace it! 

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I’ve been there! I’ve been that girl! Heck, I am still that girl! (<---If you click the link you can see I am just beginning my journey)

I am trying very hard to overcome those hurdles of being myself! In some cases, I’ve rocked it, in others, I am far from it. I am working my way to succeeding at it though. Why? Because I am aware that without trying I'll never know What could have been. 

Sometimes it’s so easy to preach something and another to do. I often find myself giving amazing advice to my family, friends, employees, children but then when I approach a similar scenario I struggle. 

#overcome #hurdles #rockingit #preach

We are all human and we are all allowed to make mistakes and try again. That’s the amazing thing about life. It’s a learning experience, and we have many chances to try again. 


I truly believe our imagination is one of the best things. Let’s step away from adult life. Think back to when you were a child. 

Do you remember all the possibilities you were able to reach when you used your imagination? 

Did you enjoy the mud pie you created at your pretend bakery? Remember when you had to get the sprinkles just perfect on them? 

#thinkback #pretend

How about going to the princess's ball? Or maybe you were a prince waiting for your princess to arrive? What did you use to dress up? Did you have a beautiful carriage? Did you ride in on a horse? How did your fairytale story end? 

#princess #prince #fairytale

There are so many scenarios we played out as a kid. Some of my favourites were: house, doctor, veterinarian, hairdresser, and makeup artist. 

I can tell you also my son loved superhero’s, mailman, garbage man, police and firemen, and construction worker. 

Why is it when you grow up you lose sight of your imagination? Your imagination is what makes you dream! How many of you dreamt of being what you always pretended as a kid? I know I wanted to be a princess, ballerina, and a grocery clerk when I grew up. 

#imagination #dreams

OK, OK, OK. Back to reality. We are not kids anymore. I get that. 

The reality is, we are in a world of technology and a society that overthinks everything. Everyone is keyboard warriors and has something to say. Not everyone is kind, and that’s why you hide behind your true selves. You are scared of what others will think of us.

#reality #overthinking

 It’s time to wake up, get out there and let your inner child be heard! 

Your childhood imagination must come alive, for you to fight your inner demons, and create a reality.

The fantasy world, of my hopes and dreams, can become a reality... and so can yours! 

It’s going to take more than just myself to embrace an imagination again. Let’s see what the rest of the world has! Can we make the world a better place one imagination at a Time? The possibilities are endless when you use your imagination! 

#betterworldoneimaginationatatime #endlesspossibilities

Join my Facebook community here: A place to discover and show your true authentic self. No more hiding. No more playing yourself down. Don't be like this girl... that quit and started late, then regretted it!

If you are here, you KNOW you want so much more for yourself. You KNOW there is so much more of you to give...this is where you can come and begin to allow your true light to SHINE!!!

This group was created because I have (KEYWORD... ”have”) ALL the above feelings... I am not here to coach or train you... but I am here for support as well as all the others that will join the community. PLUS... if your anything like me, when I join a group I double-check who can see what I post in there (You know... that fear thing... BUT I am getting better at it, and so can YOU!)

I am here to walk alongside you on this journey TOGETHER!

I want to Level UP with YOU!

Sooooo....???? What do you say, friends!?!?


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