Just the Beginning

You always start somewhere

So here we are guys.  ​ We are at my first step towards my new chapter of what I am going to become.  ​ I've had dreams, I've had goals, and most importantly I've had failures.  ​ The one thing I can say for certain about all of the above, is although I may have had those dreams, goals, and failures, there is a reason it ended the way it did.  ​ We literally are on this earth, and we have this amazing power!!! We can decide what direction we want to go. So what went wrong with some of my dreams and goals? How did I have failures?  ​ Well, those dreams and goals I had, I believed couldn't be a reality. I am an overambitious dreamer! I convinced myself that every dream and goal I had, why it couldn't happen; Why I couldn't make it a reality. So I was limited by my own beliefs. I was also surrounded by a few people that didn't understand what it meant to be such a strong-willed dreamer. Not that they wouldn't of supported me if I pushed myself, but they just didn't understand that feeling of knowing you can reach for so much! So with that, I was also limiting myself by what others believed.  ​ The limiting beliefs caused a recipe for disaster in every dream and goal I carried.  ​ That's where my failures came in.  ​ I tried reaching for my goals, I tried following my dreams. They always turned up null. I was blocking myself from where I could be going because of those limited beliefs I had created for myself, and felt from others.  ​ To make matters worse, I allowed those failures to dictate my beliefs for every future dream and goal.  ​ NOT THIS TIME! This time I'M in control!  ​ That brings me to my first chapter. My chapter 1. For this first chapter, I have dedicated myself to focus on this blog. I've purchased the domain to make myself accountable!  ​ Guys, I'ma be totally honest here. It's a first for me! Aside from a few other attempts, I've never gone forward with. I have no freaking clue what's going to come out of this? Quite honestly, I don't even know what I want to come out of it! Aside, from just trying to find my purpose and maybe help you find yours!  This is the start of my Chapter 1. Follow me, to see how it ends. Most importantly, join in!! We all want something. Why wait? Start yours today! ​ Now its your turn. ​ What is going to push you in the direction towards your dreams or your goals?  ​ What is going to help you stay on track, and make yourself accountable to show up everyday to write the best damn chapter you've ever read? ​ Shoot me an email below guys! What, can I do for you to help you see you've got this! 


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