Pay It Forward, While Promoting Local Challenge: #PIFWPLC

As we begin to come out of these unprecedented times covid19 has placed us in, we can all take the time to recognize the affect it had on each and everyone of us, no matter what part of the world we are coming from.

I am sure most of us have all been displaced in some way during these crazy times.

The following is just a few of many that I can personally relate to, and I am sure there is way more scenarios out there.

1. Parents making less money while trying to do a job they didn’t get trained to do.

While we all have our own way of how we made it work, some may had to of stay home to homeschool, or perhaps work your job still and homeschool in the evenings. Regardless of how you made it work... it’s not how it is suppose to be, but hey! We’ve nearly reached the end, I don’t know if your doing the countdown like me, but we officially only have TEN more days left!! Woohoo!

Now, although the countdown is on... I must say for myself, the last three months flew by, as we began to learn the new way of life! I am grateful for this extra time I was given with my children.. considering the circumstances.

2. Then we have the teachers, the ones who had plans/lessons for the school year. Plans for field trips and the lessons that went along with them. No where in there lessons did they have “learn a new way to teach, and do it instantly” written in the plans.

3. The children/students:

Whether it be:

The grade 6 class getting ready to finish elementary...


The graduating class of 2020, who worked so hard the last 12 years and now didn't get their ceremonies or a proper good bye.


Every other student that was forced to do schooling at home, with all sorts of different circumstances...

Point is, every child or student has been affected by this.

4. As we move forward with uncertainty with where the school year is going to begin, we need to consider the new kindergarten /preschool class. The children that are scared to go and the parents who don’t get to walk them to their first classroom. My children are both older, but I feel for you... if this is how it turns out.

5. There’s also the locally owned shops that are finding it difficult to get back at it, as they must restock spoiled foods, and reopen under totally different rules, all while trying to stay afloat. These little shops must limit their customers and adjust to meet all the new legal requirements.

6. We mustn’t forget about the amazing essential workers, those who kept going to work even during the scariest times of uncertainty. They worked through panic, hourly protocol changes, and a whirlwind of crazy emotions as all sorts of people with different feelings about covid came through.

7. To anyone who may have lost a loved one, you haven't been forgot about. During these difficult times, and some people labeling it as not as bad as they are making it out to be... when you seen first handed how a loved one felt, or possibly missed saying goodbye due to restrictions

Just a few scenarios of how anyone in this world may have been affected due to Covid... and I know there is so many other scenarios that I haven't touched base on, and I am sorry if I missed something of importance.

My point is, no matter from whose perspective or scenario you look through, somehow or some way.. their world was changed, and if not directly them, you can bet someone they know definitely was affected in one way or another.

I believe there is no better time than now, to show kindness in the world.

Our mental health has been affected in so many ways, and you don’t know how the person behind you is feeling or how the local business you love is doing. One thing you can know for certain, is your feelings about this all.

You may feel completely fine with no worries at all, or stressed, worried, unsure, or completely freaked out... and that’s ok.

Do you want to know how you can feel great? How you can help that parent, teacher, student, local shop, essential worker, or any random stranger feel great?

It’s takes $20... or whatever you can afford!

I’m calling it the pay it forward while promoting local challenge AKA #PIFWPLC

Follow the steps below, and let's see where we can take this!

As local businesses open, remember they need our support more than ever!

Step 1: Head over to your favorite locally owned shop

Step 2: Purchase yours + $20 towards next customers purchase

Step 3: Tag the local shop you supported with the hashtag #PIFWPLC

Step 4: Recognize the effect you had on a strangers day, and take notice in how you feel

Step 5: Follow Instagram account rejuvenate.and.energize for updates on our pay it forward while promoting local challenge AKA #PIFWPLC and feel free to share to every social account to get the word out!!!

Guys, the time is now to show your kindness.

We all need a boost!

So no matter what area of the world you live in, let’s show each other what we are made of!!! Your favourite local shop needs you more than ever... lets keep them going while spreading the love!

ARE YOU READY TO SEE HOW FAR WE CAN MAKE THIS GO? Let’s do this! Add your city in a hashtag below!

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