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Self Care - Prioritizing your needs when it matters most

As we come into a new month, full of gorgeous weather and beautiful flowers, I can not think of a better time to begin a self care regimen. 

Self care is so important because without caring for yourself, it becomes more difficult to care for any loved ones that need you. Self care raises our kindness vibrations, which ripples out into this chaotic world we live in right now. You owe it to yourself, and others to look after yourself!

You need to start being more mindful of what your own mind, body, and soul is telling you it needs.

Take a moment and think about a time you may have experienced a sense of impatience; Maybe you snapped at the kids? Or your road rage was a little excessive?

Now think of a moment where you were patient; When you didn't over react, perhaps, and that stranger didn't tick you off when they budged in front of you at the Tim Hortons drive thru; Instead you thought to yourself, No biggie, things happen!

In both of the scenarios, how much self care did you allow yourself leading up to them?

A self care regimen is very important. Once you allow yourself to take time for yourself, things start happening. Your world runs smoother! Creativity juices begin to flow!

As you can see I started a blog. Guess how I am making it work!

That's right, I've had to allow myself my own personal time. It is now something scheduled in, into my daily regimen.

Do you know how they say to pay yourself first with your pay cheque? Well, that should be the same with your self care.
Take care of yourself first, and you'll have no problem taking care of others, and sharing your kindness.

I have created an event with PDF's for you to download and track your progress. Feel free to download it and post wherever you will see it daily, to hold yourself accountable.

Take some time on a Sunday, and allow yourself to schedule in your Self care plans for the following week. In doing this, you will stick to looking out for you! Record you mood before and after, and checkmark once completed. Feel free to check in at the forums discussion board, and let us know how things are going! At the end of the month, we will make sure to do a check in of what kind of effect it had on us. In order for accurate results you need to record your before and after mood, daily!

Can't wait to hear how it worked out for you, and any comments you may have for future self care ideas!

selfcare checklist
Download PDF • 67KB


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