Tomorrow is another day

No matter how much I tell myself “tomorrow I'm waking up early and doing yoga and meditating before work” it seems I just can’t get my ass out of bed. Even after four alarms go off, I still find myself resetting the last one to half an hour before I have to leave the house. Anyone else able to scroll and scroll with the number of alarms they have?! Or is that just me?

That is just a screenshot of it, I could do about five thumb scrolls down!

I'm going to blame it on having to work super early this last week! I will train myself to be a morning person yet!!!

The one evening I went on the longest bike ride with Ryder that I think I’ve been on since I was a child. I thought I was going to die, but it also felt GREAT! The beauty of the nature we were in was awesome. I believe upon this journey of "finding me" I have come to realize I want to live close to nature full of tree's, near a lot of water, and with an equal mixture of heat and cool crisp air.

The weather was kind of crummy today, it was pretty windy so instead of being able to sit outside on my lunch I had to find another spot to enjoy lunch. I came to find out my car is very comfy and an amazing spot to lay back and listen to my podcasts and read a book. Today I listened to Sarah Prout while laying back, stretching my back and closing my eyes. It was episode 164, 'Manifesto to courage'. I am looking forward to putting into effect the amazing tips provided in this episode.

I also was able to get in a good twenty minutes of the new book I purchased, 'The Universe has your back' by Gabrielle Bernstein!! I have listened to a few of her podcasts and meditations and they have been nothing short of amazing.

Can’t wait for the nice weather this weekend to sit back and enjoy this outdoors. I have a feeling I will finish this book rather quickly.

Dear Universe

I see you and feel you working in your mysterious ways. I seen the lights flicker, and the synchronicity of the numbers I’ve been seeing has been more often then ever before. I’m loving the messages your giving me with those numbers. I am making sure to use those messages to The best of my ability. I trust you.


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