Tuning into the vibrations of love and aligning with the universe

Universal lesson 1:

To love yourself is to understand yourself. How can you tune into the vibrations of love if you don’t fully understand yourself? What if you understand yourself, but you don’t actually present your true self you are meant to be? Can you love yourself while pretending to be someone your not? If you don’t love yourself, how can you give love to others?

I believe all of the above plays a huge part in

Tuning into the vibrations of love as Gabrielle Bernstein mentions in her book The Universe Has Your Back.

So what is a few things I’ve come to learn about myself?

  1. I have a huge entrepreneurial mindset

  2. I distance myself from friends

  3. I love learning

  4. I enjoy the outdoors

  5. I need sleep and proper rest or I get emotional

For as long as I can remember I loved trying to make and sell items. As a child I painted rocks and sold them at a stand in front of my home. This memory slipped to the bottom of the pile and recently resurfaced.

To this day, I am constantly trying to be something and do something that will help me reach and satisfy my entrepreneurial hunger. I’ve thought about opening many businesses or trying my creative side to begin something. Also would love to become a coach some day too. I always give up on my creative ideas and they generally don’t go much further. The businesses I’d like to create is stopped by fear and I don’t follow through with creating a business plan to present to someone for a loan.

I know I can often cancel plans with friends, and covid definitely fed into that more. It wasn’t until recently an old friend finally explained to me why she stopped speaking to me or reaching out. I always knew I was a canceller but never expected a friend to stop talking to me for that. When months after she finally told me why we stopped talking, I was crushed. A great friendship that I believe actually helped me grow into the person I am today wasted because I cancel plans too much. Although I understand how she would feel... I am truly disappointed she let it reach that point without talking to me about this. As well as, during covid how would have she known I was “ok”? I have to wonder “what kind of true friend does that?” Was I in the wrong? Yes. Was she in the wrong? yes.

After meeting up with a mutual friend and enjoying the visit. I reached out again to try and understand what happened between us. It was nice to get some closure on this, just not sure things will be the same unfortunately.

With that said, I plan to grow from this. I won’t take friendships for granted and make sure I am more open about what’s going on in my life if I need to cancel, but won’t cancel unless need be. Oh, did I mention.. the closure just happened? Feeling kind of emotional... but this is good!

This comes down to you really don’t know what is happening in another persons life, so just be there for when someone is ready and willing to include you. If someone asks, be honest and truthful in how your feeling. I specifically asked so long ago what I did wrong. Had she told me then things wouldn’t of gone this far. perhaps we will grow from it together, or perhaps we will grow from it separately. Nonetheless, there is growth to be had. For now, I am going to take the closure, accept it, and try and move forward.

During high school days, I did not enjoy learning. I much rathered sneaking away with friends and doing our own thing. This is definitely something I regret now that I’ve grown a love for learning. Stuff I should know, isn’t there and I find it difficult to hold some conversations as I have no fricken clue what it means.

Nowadays I try and spend as much of my time learning as I can. I have a subscription to a learning app (I don’t recommend it as it’s impossible to cancel, and that’s the only reason I still have it). I enjoy the courses in it and am currently studying yoga and energy healing. I believe learning about these two I am meant to do. I love learning about it and would love for some day for it all to tie into something together.

Enjoying the outdoors is new to me in the last year. I would sit outside every moment I could if the temperature was right. Unfortunately in Canada the winters get crazy cold! So I suppose I love the outdoors IN the summer! Due to this I believe I need to move somewhere warm all year long! I do sit outside on my lunch hour and after work when I’m done putzing around the house for the family. I take tequila (my dog) for a walk, although she is getting older and can’t really walk. Oreo, (our other dog) we take out but then we feel bad for tequila.

Listening to the sound of nature is my most favourite lately. It puts me in an extremely zen state and encourages my more creative side to flow more energetically.

When I am tired, I turn into a bear. Not sure how much more in detail I can get with this one but if you ask my family I can get growly. My patience is gone and I just need to be left alone. Although I know this, I also know I require me time. After a long day of trying to please and keep all others happy I still force myself to stay up late. In the end, my emotions and anger get the best of me the following day. This then leads to that wonderful thing we like to call mom guilt!

Knowing all of the above, and understanding what I need to do to grow from it all is what will help me tune into the vibrations of the universe.

I will reach for the entrepreneurial mindset and make something out of it! I will be there for friends, plus make new friends! I will continue on a journey of learning and continue to grow!

I will allow myself to get outdoors and create a wonderful sanctuary in my yard to enjoy! I will allow myself to get the sleep I need to be the best version of myself!

What do you know about yourself?

Will you allow yourself to tune into the vibrations of love?

What can you do differently to ensure your true self is being introduced in all aspects of life?

What do you have to do to let yourself shine and give love to others?

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